butchers every character design I touch

that said, Zankyou no Terror is excellent and you should watch it.


He loves me…he loves me not…



would you kindly?

I love the colours and brush strokes.


So this is what it means to be a witch. My emotions have all come back to haunt me. I can’t remember anything except glimmers of light and regret.

Ah, so this is my… despair.

homulilly | homura | photographer


I’m back from comic con a little early but just wanted to post these pictures up before I fall on my face and knock out!!

I got Nomura’s autograph and gave him the picture. After this, one of the staff members came over to tell me that he normally puts his gifts away in the back but that he held onto my terrible drawing next to him. ( ; v ;)

Who are the badass women that inspire you? Lena Headey, who plays Cersei on Game of thrones.

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Maisie Williams attends the GOT cast autograph signing at Comic Con (2014)

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Pedro Pascal showing us how intact he is after the “big fight”- San Diego Comic Con 2014

Send me the names of 3 men and I’ll tell you who I want as my 

  • Husband
  • Bestfriend
  • Brother

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screencap redraws, thank you free-caps

what the hell is a dried up youthful fame anyway


Hey everyone! Steph and myself will be at Table (S-11) coming up at OTAKONAugust 8 - August 10, at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland, promoting our comics Ava’s Demon (duh) and Final Arcanum!!! I’ll have a TON of new prints. Come say hi!!!

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watching zankyou no terror


everyone who’s read the update